Harte Fakten

• Hamburgerin mit Welt im Herzen, Jg. 1961
• Studium in Freiburg, München und London
• Hospitanz bei der “Rheinpfalz”, Volonariat beim Ewald-Schwarzer-Verlag, Taufkirchen
• Redakteurin: Lübecker Nachrichten, Bild Hamburg, Hamburger Abendblatt, YoYo (Heinrich Bauer Verlag)
• Korrespondentin: Baltikum, Russland, China, Vietnam, Hawaii, Australien
• Political Campaigning: für Tony Blair im Vorfeld zur Wahl als Prime Minister
• Unternehmenskommunikation: HEAG
• Seit 1/2000 selbständig mit Pressebüro und Verlag (TourBook)
• Ausgezeichnet mit der Médaille de Tourisme der Republik Frankreich


Freiheit. Neugier. Reisen. Menschen treffen. Neues wagen. Neugierig sein. Zuhören.

That’s Me

Since 1987, I have been travelling the globe as a professional journalist, editor, author, publisher, and photographer, often off the beaten track. My articles were published in papers and magazines in Germany, England, France, Latvia, and Australia. Other texts ended up in books or special publications. My photography has been on show in Germany and Australia and can be bought straight from me or through stock agencies such as Alamy.

My obsession with Australia has developed into an incurable addiction. It made me spend freezing nights in the Outback living the traditional Aboriginal way, replace innumerable broken tires on dusty country roads, and fall in love with a man already hooked. Seeing trouble ahead, I redirected my passion, which exploded into dozens of articles on OZ – but who knows?

Passion number two is France, its music, food, lifestyle – and its most lovely surprise: Lara, already at junior age a well-experienced travel companion fluent in French. To keep track of my French experiences, enjoy my awarded blog dedicated to La Grande Nation:

Triggered off by France and Australia, wine is a favourite topic, which led me to nearly get lost in the cellar labyrinth under the Hungarian city of Eger, and losing my head over Coonawarra’s delicious reds. In winter, however, you’ll most likely meet me on the slopes, discovering alpine skiing in India’s top resort Gulmarg, mushing in Lapland, or simply enjoying paragliding the highest Savoyan peaks.

Yet, I am still open to or new temptations. If you are a desk-wary editor dreaming of a destination I should cover, simply send an e-mail to

Editorial and PR services

Networking with dedicated and competent PR specialists, graphic designers, web consultants, and professional photographers, I also offer comprehensive communication services to the tourism and aviation industry, ranging from editorial work and translations to media relations, PR, and all forms of marketing. In professional photography, I highly value the expertise of Thomas Müller.

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